Mercedes-Benz Sprinter campers are nothing new. We’ve seen dozens of them in various specifications. But we’ve never seen anything quite like this particular example, which is currently listed for sale.

What makes this Sprinter motorhome so special? Even at a glance, it has to be the matching car trailer for which the seller says it “looks the part at any event.” We tend to agree as the matching colour and graphics on the sides look brilliant. A matching set of wheels for the trailer would’ve been nice though.

Gallery: Mercedes Sprinter motorhome for sale

This camper van started its life as a well-equipped Sprinter bus. Onboard, it has an air conditioner, satellite navigation, power windows, cruise control, Bluetooth connectivity, and more. After the transformation to a camper, it also has an Alcantara ceiling, insulated walls, leather seats, and other nice materials in a cabin that can comfortably accommodate two people.

The living area has a kitchen with a sink, an 80-litre compressor fridge, and many storage compartments. There’s also a nice bathroom with a hot water system with a digital control panel. You’ll also find an LCD TV with a DVD player and a roof-mounted aerial, LED lighting, and many other goodies.

The black car trailer at the back is a full-width trailer accessible via two double doors at the back. It has black walls and a white ceiling plus a rubber floor. You can probably even charge an EV in there as the trailer has a 240-volt outlet, as well as a 12-volt plug point. 

This interesting set is currently listed for sale by MotorsportAuctions and the asked price is £58,000 with VAT included.