The Nissan Z Proto hits a virtual track with the original model, 300ZX, 350Z, and 370Z in a new promo movie for the much-anticipated model. During the Tokyo Auto Salon, the company also held a presentation at its global headquarters to discuss the design for the next step in this famous line of performance cars.

The clip shows the Nissan Z proto is what appears to be a video game. A booming voice talks about it being the future, while the various generations are driving in formation around the track.

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During the presentation, Hiroshi Tamura, who is in charge of the new Fairlady Z program, and Shinichiro Irie, who is handling the model's design, discussed shaping the new Z. For example, Tamura said that he originally wanted the headlights to be round, but this was a technical problem due to the light distribution from the lamps, according to Car Watch Impress.

Irie put a large focus on the rear of the Z Proto. He said that haunches are supposed to appear muscular but like an athlete rather than a bodybuilder. In addition, the metallic piece of trim that follows the roofline and then slashes into the wing/fender is supposed to evoke a sword.

He noted that a theme for the Z Proto was a fusion of classic and modern elements. The taillights are a great example because the stacked oval shape clearly evokes the 300ZX, but the three-dimensional effect for them on the concept is not something possible in the 1990s.

A reference to the original 240Z is visible when looking at the Z Proto in profile. The tip of the nose sits lower than the edge of the boot. This makes the car look especially sharp from the side.

Nissan isn't offering many technical specifications about the new Z car yet. The company confirms that it uses a twin-turbo 3.0-litre V6 that directs power to the rear wheels. Rumours put the engine output at 400 bhp.