Today, January 18, 2021, marks the launch of InsideEVs Germany. Under the web address you will find daily news about electric cars, fuel cell vehicles, the electric car market, urban micro-mobility (electric scooters and the like), battery technology, electric aircraft and the like. Tests, videos and photo spreads on these topics will also appear on

InsideEVs Germany will be closely interlocked with Germany. On, we will report more broadly and in greater depth on electric cars.

Articles on combustion cars will remain at Germany. Articles of interest to electric car fans, for example on plug-in hybrids or cars that are available with both internal combustion engines and electric drives, will also appear in compact form on InsideEVs.

Articles on electric cars for the more broadly interested readership of Germany will appear there in a short form.

The basic structure of the website is similar to that of – so you will quickly find your way around. However, since we at focus on electric vehicles, the reporting will be more in-depth. So we can explain details of cell technology or discuss charging curves there.

InsideEVs Germany will benefit from the expertise of our colleagues in the USA, France and Italy, where InsideEVs already exists. We will generate some of the content by translating and adapting articles on USA. Our colleagues from and from also produce interesting articles that we will use from time to time. In addition, InsideEVs currently exists in Brazil, Russia and soon in Turkey. We may also occasionally take topics from these sources.

The German team is looking forward to intensified coverage of the world of electric mobility. We hope that by dividing our coverage into conventional and electric mobility, we are also acting in your interest and are eager to see how the new offering is received by you. And if you like to keep up to date via social media: You can find the most important news at InsideEVs Germany on Facebook and InsideEVs on Instagram.