Let’s be honest, some might say that the van life movement has come and gone, but we’d like to think otherwise. Ask anyone about what it means to them and they’ll likely tell you something along the lines of building out a Ford Transit and then travelling the country. However, after spotting the latest Volkswagen T7 Multivan in the Swedish snow, it’s clear that vehicles of all shapes and sizes are up for the job.

To the uninitiated, the VW Multivan has long been used as a springboard for an adventure vehicle; it can be a long-distance people carrier, delivery vehicle, campervan, and even do a bit of offroading while maintaining the creature comforts you can expect from any other VW.

Gallery: Volkswagen T7 Multivan Spy Photos

Legacy aside, these recent spy photos show us that development on the latest model is well underway. Immediately, the new T7 appears longer and lower than its predecessor while keeping the same chunky aesthetic. However, don’t let your eyes fool you, because the new vehicle isn’t showroom ready yet. 

The German automaker did make an effort to disguise the exterior – with mixed success – to make the test mule look like another vehicle, but the interior is a very different story. Earlier sightings show that the cockpit is heavily inspired by that of the Golf. While the hatchback has been plagued with software issues, the question remains if those will be ironed out by the time the T7 Multivan hits showrooms.

Regardless, rumour has it that there will be petrol, diesel, and hybrid versions available on debut. Until then, we’ll have to keep combing through spy photos to uncover more details.