Jaguar Land Rover (the manufacturer of Jaguar and Land Rover) is maybe not on the forefront of electrification, but the fourth quarter of 2020 has proven that JLR is progressing.

The company announced that its sales in Q4 amounted to 128,469 (down 9.0% year-over-year), and 11.6% of this (or over 14,800) falls on plug-ins.

  • BEVs: 6.1% share (7,807)
  • PHEVs: 5.5% share (over 7,000)
  • MHEVs: 41.4% share

The British company (part of Tata Motors) has only one all-electric model on the market - Jaguar I-PACE. The number of plug-in hybrids increased over the past few years to 8, but as we can see, those PHEV versions are not very popular, because their combined result is lower than the result of the I-PACE.

A significant part of sales is mild hybrid (MHEV) vehicles - 41.4% in Q4. In total, 53% of JLR cars sold in Q4 2020 were at least hybrids. In the full year, the share was 43.3%.

"In today’s changing environment we are particularly proud to now offer an electrified version of every Land Rover including various class-leading Plug-in Hybrids. Together with the completely renewed Discovery and Velar this will support sales in the challenging market environment."

Hopefully, Jaguar Land Rover will improve the share of plug-ins this year, and at least stop the decline of its business. In 2020 the company sold 23.6% fewer cars (425,974) than in 2019.

  • Jaguar - 102,494 (down 36.6%)
  • Land Rover - 323,480 (down 18.3%)