According to a recent report published by Autocar, Renault just announced its new two-seat urban mobility car known as the EZ-1 Prototype. Its design cues are along similar lines with the Twizy.

The EZ-1 aims to be the first car Renault will launch as part of its new Mobilize mobility brand, which will work to develop vehicle hardware, software, and other services, including car charging, financing, and subscriptions. This is all part of Renault's plans to move forward in new mobility efforts to stay ahead and increase profits into the future.

In order to succeed with its efforts, Renault will rely on Mobilize to produce a total of four "purpose-built machines that will focus on ride-sharing and last-mile delivery services." The EZ-1 Prototype will highlight the mobility brand's focus on service. Renault says Mobilize product users will have the choice to rent such vehicles on a "pay-per-use basis" for a selected amount of time or distance travelled.

The EZ-1 is constructed of 50 percent recycled materials, and its doors are made of glass. The materials are 95 percent recyclable once the EZ-1 is no longer usable. However, Renault says you can extend its life via battery swapping. It measures only 2.3 metres (about 7.5 feet) long. The vehicle will also feature smartphone app connectivity, and offer features like keyless entry via your phone.


Mobilize isn't just planning the four upcoming vehicles, but rather a whole ecosystem related to mobility. The brand will work on efforts related to smart charging, storage solutions, EV adoption, charger location services, and new payment programs.