[UPDATE] Dacia has released images of the Bigster (yes, that's its name) compact SUV as a concept.

Group Renault’s newly announced “Renaulution” strategic plan sees Alpine becoming an EV brand and joining forces with Lotus for an electric sports car, but there’s also news about the budget brand Dacia. The Romanian marque will be expanded in the years to come with the addition of three new models, one of which will compete in the C-segment.

To the surprise of no one, the larger model in question will take the shape of an SUV. The unnamed model made a brief appearance in concept form during the official presentation of Renaulution, looking tougher and more rugged than the smaller Duster SUV. It goes without saying the production vehicle won’t look exactly like this, but we like what we’re seeing so far.

Gallery: Dacia Bigster concept

It will be 4.6 metres (181.1 inches) long, thus making it about 28 cm (11 in) longer than the aforementioned Duster. The compact SUV is being engineered to accommodate hybrid and alternative powertrains, with the latter likely meaning liquified petroleum gas (LPG) and/or compressed natural gas (CNG).

The bigger Dacia will follow two new models, one arriving next year and the other in 2024. Group Renault aims to forge a stronger relationship between Dacia and Lada to cut costs by reducing the number of platforms from four to just one. In addition, the company with the diamond logo aims to eliminate seven body styles, reducing the number to 11.

The two brands combined will be launching seven models by 2025, including a compact Lada shortly after Dacia’s C-segment model. Interestingly, Renault also promises the “revival of iconic models” and will make Dacia “outdoorsy with a touch of coolness” while Lada will be “rough & tough.” The backbone of both brands will be represented by Group Renault's versatile CMF-B platform, with liquified petroleum gas (LPG) and hybrid (E-Tech) powertrains planned.

Eagle-eyed readers will notice Dacia appears to have a new logo, but details about whether it will actually be used going forward are not available for now. If that’s the case, the low-cost brand will follow Kia and General Motors as both companies recently refreshed their brand identities.