Nokian may be best known for its winter tyres, but the company wants to expand its presence in new segments and markets. The Finnish firm believes its new One all-season tyre will become a real game-changer with a predicted life of approximately 80,000 miles (128,750 kilometres). That’s according to a new report from Car and Driver.

The publication says Nokian is ramping up production of the new tyre model at its plant in Tennessee and in Europe. The Nokian One is being advertised as the first all-season tyre of the company designed especially for the North American market. At this point though, there’s no price disclosed but Car and Driver talks about an “affordable price point.”

But wait. Let’s get back to that huge number in the headline. No, we are not clickbaiting you because that’s a number Nokian says is possible thanks to the use of a new mix of materials. For example, there’s a good dose of aramid fibres, the same compound found in the Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT3 and R3 winter tyres. This is the first time the company is using it in an all-season tyre.

These strong fibres are used to strengthen the sidewall of the tyre and make it more durable against pothole hits. In fact, Nokian is so confident the technology works that it will offer the Pothole Protection warranty programme as a no-cost option when buying a set of One tyres. The warranty will replace a tyre free of charge if it's damaged beyond repair by a pothole hit.

Nokian promises the new One tyre will have better performance on a wet surface compared to the model it will replace, the Entyre 2.0 all-season tyre. Even more importantly, the new tyre will have lower rolling resistance. The Nokian One will be available in about 70 different sizes from 14 to 20 inches.