Last year, as chaotic as it was, felt like a turning point for electric cars. Mainstream automakers continue to follow Tesla toward our all-electric future, with many making bold promises to eventually only offer all-electric vehicles. Until then, though, automakers have to offer them, and Kia is no different. The company is working on its first dedicated all-electric vehicle, and new spy photos show development is continuing on the crossover.

The photos, sadly, don't reveal any more than what we've already seen. Kia is keeping the car under super-tight warps – it continues to wear thick cladding and camouflage. It only recently lost the swirly wrap underneath, though the bare metal isn't much to look at. The coverings cover the front and rear fascias, the rear hatch, and the doors, leaving a lot to one's imagination. The hatch design is further distorted with extra cladding.

Gallery: Kia Electric Crossover Spy Photos

Details about the new EV are scarce, though the rumour mill isn't running full steam. The new EV will ride on Hyundai's Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), which should offer a range of around 310 miles (500 kilometres). Fast-charge capability will also be available for 20-minute rechargers. The platform will also underpin the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 5. Horsepower and performance specs remain elusive, though expect it to be geared toward efficiency and not outright oomph.

The new Kia EV crossover will likely be aimed at taking a piece from the Tesla Model 3's cake, as the two have been spotted together. This will be the brand's first dedicated all-electric vehicle, though it won't be the brand's last. The company plans to launch seven new EVs by 2027. A teaser last September showed at least three crossovers are possible. The electric vehicles will have Kia investing in charging stations and EV service centres globally over the next few years. The Kia EV will debut sometime this year.