Here is our first glimpse at the development of the next-gen Ford Ranger. To paraphrase the reaction of the team, the images don't show a lot while actually revealing quite a bit.

The vertical orientation for the headlights is the most striking design change to the front. The styling immediately evokes the refreshed 2021 F-150. They even appear to share running lights occupying the upper and outer edges of the lamps.

Gallery: 2023 Ford Ranger Spy Photos

The rest of the truck's face is under layers of camouflage and concealment. Don't expect the vertical split in the centre of the grille like what's on this pickup. The lower fascia is similarly hidden other than the fog lights in the corners.

2023 Ford Ranger Front Spy Photos
Next-Gen Ford Ranger Leak

The camouflaged Ranger in these shots has a slight resemblance to an alleged leak from 2019 (above). Maybe those shots really were a good hint at what to expect from the final product.

The profile showcases the blunter front end than the current Ranger. The lines for the cab appear rounder and less crisp than what's on the new F-150. The development team even takes the step of hiding the door handles under flaps.

The rear offers a glimpse of the lamps that have the taillight section illuminated at the top. Judging by these images, the brake lights seem to occupy the lower area. The camouflage hides the rest of the tailgate's design. A single circular exhaust pipe comes out of the passenger side.

Mechanically, Ford is engineering the Ranger to be a product that works globally, and the next-gen VW Amarok is getting the same platform. There's a rumour that the Ranger might get a new plug-in hybrid powertrain consisting of a 2.3-litre turbocharged four-cylinder and a 10-speed automatic. In addition, markets outside the US would have diesel engine options.

Currently, we expect the new Ranger and Amarok to debut in 2022. The For pickup would then go on sale for the US in the 2023 model year.