According to Zap-Map’s annual survey of fast charging networks in the UK, Tesla remains the top fast-charging network for another year, being “the standard all networks should aspire to” (see also the results in 2020 and in 2019).

The satisfaction survey ranks a total of 16 charging networks, counting opinions from more than 1,500 Zap-Map users, in the four key areas of reliability, ease of use, cost and facilities.

The second best network, and the first publicly available (as Tesla is a reserved for Tesla cars), is InstaVolt, which maintains its high position from two previous years. Zap-Map highlighted one user comment: “modern, super reliable, generally come in pairs and contactless payment is a huge plus”."

The third is Osprey (formerly Engenie), which highly increased its position - from 8 a year ago - thanks to "reliability and ease of use". Zap-Map highlighted one user comment: “nice and visible, good locations, simple to use”.

As you can see, there are some surprises, as well known names are getting relatively weak results. For example, bp pulse (formerly BP Chargemaster/ Polar) is now #13 with 2.9 points (down for #5 in 2019), Shell Recharge is #6 (but the overall score is 3.5), while the IONITY is even lower - at #10 with 3.1 points.

Zap-Map user ratings for EV charging networks in UK


Zap-map's users said also that the most important factor in their consideration of charging points is reliability, far ahead of ease of use, cost and facilities.

In other words, don't even think about high positions if your fast-charging stations have issues. This is true in the UK, as well as in other markets.

"As part of the survey, EV drivers were also asked to rank the factors which were most important when choosing a charge point. Reliability remained the key factor (weighting 5.0), followed by ease of use (2.6), cost (2.3) and finally the local amenities at the charging location (1.0). These weightings demonstrate the continuing importance of reliability and ease of use for EV drivers when accessing charging services."