Yesterday, Mercedes introduced its new MBUX Hyperscreen, the company's latest high-tech infotainment system set to launch in its new all-electric EQS saloon. It's a stunning, dash-spanning, tri-screen display that looks to take the Mercedes user experience to a new level, though those hoping to get it in its petrol- or diesel-powered cars will be disappointed. The luxury automaker won't make the new screen available across its entire lineup.

That includes the new, tech-packed S-Class, the company's flagship. According to Sajjad Khan, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz AG CASE, the S-Class "is based on another kind of technology," and the Hyperscreen “is a different derivative.” However, the screen will reach other EQ variants. Kahn said that it would "be available in other" EQ derivatives like the ESE, even as the software makes advances. The EQS will feature over-the-air updates to keep it updated with the latest features.

Gallery: 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS MBUX Hyperscreen Display

Mercedes' new Hyperscreen is the latest in an automotive trend that Mercedes itself helped pioneer – packing screens inside cars. The new Hyperscreen sits under a single pane of glass wrapped in single-frame plastic, which helps blend the three screens into one unit. Mercedes packs it with intuitive features and artificial intelligence designed to aid the driving and commuting experience. The system can store several driver and passenger profiles and remember things like where you often use the suspension lift feature, which it can learn and remember for the future.

The infotainment screen's default layout ll won as the "zero-layer" features the functions Mercedes' research suggested customer interacted with the most. That would include the map, phone controls, and audio controls. You can also use your voice to say "Hey Mercedes" to command the Hyperscreen as well. The massive screen features no physical buttons, which could turn off some customers, though Mercedes could put them elsewhere. We'll have to judge when the company reveals its EQS saloon sometime this year.