Fancy channelling your inner Michael Schumacher? Now you can.

British motorists are being given the chance to drive a genuine Formula 1 car as part of a track experience day. is offering drivers the opportunity to drive the Jordan F1 car driven by Takuma Sato during the 2002 season – the year Michael Schumacher won his fifth F1 World Championship.

The car, which still wears the fabled yellow DHL livery, cost £4.5 million to develop and is currently the only 2002 Jordan F1 car members of the public can drive. But to get behind the wheel, you’ll need deep pockets; slipping into the cockpit will set you back at least £999.

For that, you’ll get 10 laps of’s track in Hertfordshire, allowing you to experience the 600 bhp produced by that howling V10 engine. However, that’s only after a driving course that sees you progress to the Jordan’s hot seat.

Jordan EJ12 Formula 1 car

First, you get a 30-minute briefing covering racing lines, throttle and braking technique and track day safety etiquette, followed by a 14-lap training course on the Drift Circuit. Then you’ll face four sighting laps in a BMW M3, followed by 20 driving laps in the F1000 single-seater, following a coach in a pace car. After all that, the company puts you in charge of the Jordan EJ12 for 10 laps of the track.

Alternatively, you can go for the £1,800 Suzuka Legend experience, which follows the same structure as the base experience, but gives you 25 laps in the F1000 car and 20 laps in the Formula 1 car. Or you can choose the £3,750 Grand Prix experience, which gets even more track time.

As with the other two experiences, you get training on the Drift Circuit and sighting laps in an M3, but that’s followed by 30 laps in the F1000 car. Then, you get an “F1 launching session” that includes burnout training and a grid start. Finally, that money gets you 30 laps in the Formula 1 car.

“It’s very rare to have the chance to drive a genuine F1 race car that was driven in anger in the world’s foremost motorsport championship,” said Dan Jones, the operations manager at “However, it’s not for the fainthearted, as it boasts 600 bhp, an engine that can spin to an astonishing 10,500 rpm courtesy of a 3.0 litre Judd engine, while reaching 60 mph in under five seconds.”

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