Yes, the mighty Supra has been back for quite some time now, and it has faced its fair share of criticism for eyeing BMW’s homework. Putting that aside, tuners quickly found out that the Bimmer engine under the bonnet was an excellent springboard for impressive performance numbers. Car Magazine’s latest video puts the Supra up to the test against a Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 in a quarter-mile drag race.

On paper, it looks like we could have quite a competition on our hands here. The Supra and Cayman both put out very similar power numbers with the former standing at 414 bhp (309 kilowatts) to the latter’s 410 bhp (306 kW). However, things start looking grim for the German competitor when you find out that it has a manual gearbox compared to the Supra’s automatic – which can shift incredibly fast.

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Thanks to clever engineering from the big foreheads in Stuttgart, the Cayman leaps off the line nearly level with the Toyota. However, after the initial hit of traction, things become much more predictable. The number of b-roll shots during the race makes it slightly difficult to see how the run went, but rather unsurprisingly, the Supra was victorious in the quarter-mile sprint.

Contrary to popular belief, the race was actually incredibly close. Putting down a time of 12.51 seconds, the Japanese competitor narrowly edged out its rival, which was only five-hundredths slower at 12.56 seconds. We’d wager a rematch in a half-mile race could possibly turn the tables.

Regardless, it’s clear that any opportunity to see these two vehicles duke it out on the drag strip is too good to pass up.