When you’re already spending £98,590 on a base Audi RS7 Sportback, you can fork out an extra £3,000 for an Audi Exclusive paint to make an already gorgeous car even more of an eye-catcher. We’re used to seeing Vegas Yellow on the almighty R8 supercar, but we’re not surprised it’s just as appealing on the RS7 Sportback.

Motor1.com friend Auditography had the pleasure of capturing footage of a highly specced RS7 wearing the striking shade. Not that anything is wrong with the Nardo Grey paint that comes at no extra cost with the speedy Sportback, but we’re bananas (pun intended) over this Vegas Yellow hue Audi has been offering for a few years on lesser cars as well.

Beyond the look-at-me paint job, the RS7 has quite a few of the options boxed ticked since it rides on the larger 22-inch wheels instead of the standard 21-inch set. It also has a carbon fibre exterior package and a black visual appearance kit to nicely round off the visual treat.

The Sportback finished in a vibrant shade belongs to a car collector from Doha, who happens to have everything from a Porsche Taycan to a Ferrari F8 Tributo, with a couple of SUVs like the Bentayga and G-Class thrown in for good measure. The cheapest car we could find while browsing his Instagram account was a Smart ForTwo, but even that one isn’t ordinary as the two-seater runabout is a hot version prepared by Brabus.

Getting back to the RS7 at hand, we’re curious what the facelift will bring and at the same time hopeful Audi will not mess around with the design too much. Some would argue the styling borders on perfection as it stands, so fingers crossed the cosmetic surgery will be a minimally invasive procedure.