Nissan has revealed a new ‘Enigma’ version of its Juke compact SUV designed to major on style and aesthetics. Priced from just over £23,000, the new model is marked out by its big alloy wheels and bodywork decals, and it comes with Nissan’s latest tech upgrades.

From the outside, the most obvious addition is the suite of “dark” styling features, which include black alloy wheels and a grey geometric pattern up the rear roof pillars. The 19-inch alloy wheels are larger than those of lower-spec cars, and the grey graphics can be paired with a choice of Gun Metallic Grey or Storm White paint – both of which come with a black roof – or an all-black scheme with black bodywork and a black roof.

Inside, the Juke Enigma comes with the latest-generation NissanConnect infotainment system, which offers compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa AI assistant. Car functions can now be accessed using a smartphone or Alexa-enabled device, meaning customers can simply ask Alexa whether the car’s doors are locked, or how much fuel they have left.

Nissan Juke Enigma

The new infotainment system, which is now being offered on all Jukes equipped with the NissanConnect touchscreen, will also allow customers to send a destination from their Alexa-enabled device to the car, pre-programming a route before they even get in the vehicle.

The system also allows drivers to find out where they have parked the vehicle and turn its lights on – all through the conduit of Alexa. And when in the vehicle, the connected technology also provides the usual array of functions, including smart alerts notifying the driver of faults and live traffic updates.

Under the skin, though, the Juke Enigma comes with the same 1-litre petrol engine as its siblings. The three-cylinder motor is turbocharged to produce 113 bhp, and it comes with a manual gearbox as standard. However, it can also be specified with an automatic transmission.

“The Nissan Juke offers head-turning design and advanced technology in a truly compelling package,” said Nissan Europe’s vice-president for product planning, Marco Fioravanti. “The Enigma draws on unique styling and intelligent connectivity to enhance the driving experience.”

The new Enigma goes on sale in the UK this month, with prices starting at £23,195.

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