Sometimes, colour-shifting automotive finishes look incredible and sometimes they just don't. Beauty is subjective, so we suspect there will be some folks who aren't impressed with this bespoke Audi RS7. We think that will be a very small minority, because red and black arguably creates one of the best colour combos you'll find on any vehicle. Depending on how you look at this Audi, it can be one, or the other, or both.

This special RS7 comes to us from DipYourCar on YouTube. We've seen some custom creations from this channel before, including an extremely black Mitsubishi Evo we perused just recently. Black is also part of this special dip, but whereas the Evo's black suit sucked the light out of the sky, this RS7 blends it with hues of red and orange to create a pearlescent shift that looks amazing from every angle.

Gallery: Audi RS7 Red To Black HyperShift Dip

According to the video, finding a colour-shifting finish that truly shifts to a proper black is all but impossible. This particular red-to-black ZBR HyperShift dip is billed as the "world's first" pearl finish to go black, though from our vantage point, the darkest shade we see still exudes a touch of deep red. Of course, photos and videos often don't convey the same real-life experience so we'll just say that, even if this dip doesn't go completely black, it still looks amazing.

To set the colour-shifting finish off even further, the RS7 rides on a set of bronze Vossen wheels. This is one of those instances where a bright wheel – be it silver or aluminium – just wouldn't look right. Whether the RS7 glows in orange, simmers in red, or stalks in black, the wheels are a good match.

Yes, colour-shifting finishes aren't for everyone, but this is certainly one of the better ones we've seen.