This is not just another typical episode of Wham Baam Teslacam's stories. Sure, it has a collection of the usual interesting built-in dashcam footage, which is submitted with accompanying stories from Tesla owners. However, the reason this episode deserves some extra attention is due to its leading story. It's sad and scary, and the channel says viewer discretion is advised, but, thankfully, there were no casualties.

Sadly, Tesla Model 3 owner Aaron Smith totalled his Tesla and has had some tough times following his accident a year ago. He says his Model 3 was on Autopilot when it was sideswiped by a merging semi-truck. He was travelling on the motorway in Colorado at about 60 mph in the left lane when the lorry moved into his lane, destroyed the side of his car, and sent it off the road. 

Smith was trapped in the car after the crash and was eventually transported to the hospital in an ambulance. The lorry driver came over to ask Smith if his airbags had deployed, apparently for insurance purposes. The truck driver's insurance company was trying to figure out who was at fault in the crash. No other details are provided.

In a case like this, who do we blame? Some people will be quick to point to Tesla Autopilot, however, the technology didn't appear to "cause" the car to crash. If Smith had been piloting the Model 3 without Autopilot, the lorry driver would have still driven into his lane and potentially run him off the road. However, we have no way of knowing how differently things could have played out. We're just glad both drivers survived and no one else was hurt.