We’ve been posting our fair share of top speed runs that take place on unrestricted sections of the Autobahn in Germany, but this one is a tad different. Well, it’s a lot like the other videos up until the moment an older Mazda3 zoom-zooms to the left and overtakes what looks like a first-gen Ford Focus, likely not seeing the fast-approaching M4.

The BMW’s quick reaction ultimately saved the day as although he was travelling at speeds of 174 mph (280 km/h), he managed to avoid rear-ending the inattentive Mazda driver. According to the video’s description, the M4 slowed down from 174 mph to 87 mph (130 km/h) in about three seconds, fast enough to avoid slamming into the brown hatchback.

Who is to blame here? Well, perhaps all three drivers. That being said, the main culprit here would have to be the person behind the wheel of the Mazda3 for not checking the rearview mirrors before switching lanes. Footage recorded from the M4 shows the compact hatchback crossing two lanes in one quick move to overtake the Focus, probably without paying close attention to what was coming from behind.

The Ford was too slow to be driving on the third lane and should’ve switched to the first or second lane where the rest of the vehicles were travelling at significantly lower speeds.

As for the BMW M4 driver, some would say he’s completely innocent. While doing 174 mph in that section of the motorway (A5 to Frankfurt) is completely legal, there was quite a lot of traffic that day. Yes, the lane he was driving on was empty, but when you’re sharing the road next to you with so many cars, a tragedy can occur after a split second if an inattentive driver cuts in, unaware there’s a performance coupe devouring the Autobahn.

All's well that ends well, and a big round of applause for BMW and its brakes. The car’s ABS and tyres also helped avoid what would’ve probably been a nasty accident, and the M4 driver’s reaction saved the day as well.