As electric vehicles go mainstream, there's also a demand for better and efficient charging solutions that could affect current infrastructures. For example, in existing office buildings where charging stations weren't part of the plan, shoehorning multiple charging spots can be cumbersome and costly.

Volkswagen has an answer to that. Volkswagen Group Components, the company that will be responsible for all Volkswagen Group charging activities and charging systems, introduces the first prototype of its mobile EV charging robot. It's an update to the mobile robot that was previewed a year ago, which aims to provide long-term solutions for the success of the EV revolution.

Gallery: VW Mobile EV Charging Robot Prototype

The mobile charging robot can be summoned via an app or Car-to-X communication. Once activated, it will bring a mobile energy storage unit near the vehicle then start the charging process. It's essentially bringing the charging port near the vehicle, which can be done without the need for human intervention.

With that said, the whole charging process is autonomously done by the robot. This includes ferrying the mobile energy storage unit, opening the charging socket flap, connecting the plug, decoupling it, and then returning the storage unit back to the charging stations.

The capacity of the mobile storage unit wasn't disclosed by VW Group Components in the press release. But since the robot is still in the prototype stage at this point, expect the company to develop the technology further and divulge more details in the months or years to come.

The mobile EV charging robot is just one of several approaches to ensure the success of electric mobility. Its importance is understated at this point, but considering VW's bullish outlook on EV production, it's only a matter of time.