Nobody wants to see nice cars in a state of disrepair. In this case, disrepair is obviously an understatement – clearly we're not talking about some neglected maintenance issues. This Porsche 911 GT3 RS has seen better days, but you can't keep a good 911 down. Even when it only has three wheels.

We have no idea what happened to this Porsche. It comes to us through Real Life Exotics on their Instagram page, where we see a couple of short videos showing it driving around their workshop. Yes, the battered Porsche still runs, and with a vast majority of its weight sitting on the rear tyres, a single wheel in front seems to suit the 911 just fine. That is, just fine for left turns anyway.


We've seen Real Life Exotics tackle damaged supercars before. They brought a Ferrari 812 Superfast back from the dead, but this Porsche could be a bit more challenging. The car obviously has some terrific frame damage, which comes to life more dramatically in the YouTube video from Real Life Exotics at the top of the article. It was purchased at a salvage auction, and though the footage is shot at night, the peeled-back wing/fender, mangled driver-side door, and interior full of broken parts suggest this GT3 RS will likely end up being a parts car.

That holds especially true when we see the extent of the damage to the unibody structure. The embedded Instagram video below offers a very clear look at the driver's side of the car with the door and wing/fender removed. A large chunk of the rocker panel is also gone, and the frame shows significant damage beneath the A-pillar. It's actually a testament to just how strong the body structure is, but these wounds are almost certainly fatal.


That said, we've seen some pretty dramatic rebuilds before, and the GT3 RS isn't exactly an everyday car. It may yet earn a second life, perhaps as a dedicated race car or some kind of speciality vehicle. In the meantime, it's at least enjoying a little bit of fame as a three-wheeling 911 that refuses to die.