We've seen this race before. Toyota's newest, rally-bred homologation versus Honda's decorated track monster that trumps a lot of its contemporaries. Both highly capable and pleasant to look at, but the Toyota GR Yaris beat the Honda Civic Type R in a straight-line race before.

The previous drag race between the two was less than ideal, though. The tarmac was wet and the front-wheel-driven Civic Type R struggled to gain traction versus the all-paw GR Yaris. It was a lopsided race, so to speak, so here's a rematch for the non-believers.

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Hosted this time by YouTube's Motor, the Civic Type R got the chance to redeem itself versus the well-hyped Toyota in a drag race, thankfully on equal footing with the GR Yaris. The drag strip was dry and hot, while the matchup actually got a best-of-three series to solidify the win.

However, despite the 59-bhp power advantage of the Civic Type R, it struggled to get off the line as quickly as the GR Yaris, enough to give the three-pot Toyota the win in all three tries. The Honda's over 100-kilogram weight penalty didn't help its cause, so we're not entirely surprised at all.

Then again, we all know that these two hot hatches are better compared with their lap times rather than on a quarter-mile basis. The Civic Type R is renowned for its handling traits, and so is the GR Yaris.

We hope someone out there hosts a lap comparison between the two. Until then, we'll know which of these is really the better hot hatch. For now, Toyota takes this from Honda once more.