Ottocar J., an 80-year-old Viennese native, loves Porsche. He bought his first one in 1972 – a Speed Yellow 911 E. Since then, his garage has filled with various Porsche models over the years, forcing Ottocar to build a separate building to house his expansive collection. This year marked something special for Ottocar as he bought his 80th Porsche model.

His newest addition is a Boxster Spyder in Miami Blue. He collected the car from Porsche’s Zuffenhausen factory, where the company allowed him to be one of the first customers allowed to affix the brand’s crest on the car’s bonnet himself. He first took delivery in person in 1977 when he picked up his 911 Carrera 3.0. His desire for Porsche grew during his time as a hobby race car driver.

Gallery: 80-Year-Old Buys 80th Porsche

His current collection comprises around 38 different Porsche models, including several race cars, such as the Porsche 917, the 910 with the rare eight-cylinder engine, the 956, the 904, and the 964 Cup. Over the years, he’s owned nine versions of the Carrera RS. According to Ottocar, “I can drive a different one every day for a month – and two at the weekends,” who regularly takes out about nine of his cars, including a 911 R and a Type 991 911 Speedster. However, when pressed, he wouldn’t divulge a favourite, though he often picks his Type 981 Boxster Spyder to drive.

Ottocar houses his collection in a separate building that’s filled with neat nods and memorabilia. It features a cinema showing Steve McQueen’s Le Mans feature, too. Posters, trophies, and advertising signs dot the space. Ottocar has no plans of slowing down at 80, either, with plans to travel the Pan-American highway in a Cayenne. “When you are 80-years-old, you don’t think so much about the past anymore but more about the future. You look forward to things that are still to come,” he says.