The Renault Laguna is unsurprisingly the last car you’d think of when you hear of a world record. However, it may come as less of a surprise when you find out that Master Milo was behind the job. As such, his latest video showcases the build process and driving experience of this bonkers fresh air machine.

Built as a way to navigate the Savannah without worrying about becoming lion food, the modifications involved adding an enclosure where passengers can safely enjoy the wildlife on offer. He’s obviously having a bit of a laugh here, but the engineering involved appears to be a strict role reversal. 

After constructing the towering structure, the guys needed to find a testing facility. As it would be irresponsible to actually test it in a wildlife preserve, they opted for a local farm full of unassuming cows – it turns out that the vertical dimension of such a car makes parking much easier.

In order to keep the Laguna from tipping over, the team dropped an anchor into the boot to counterbalance the added weight – a very simple solution that actually worked brilliantly. There was a nerve-wracking brake test where the anchor earned its keep, preventing the beast from toppling over into a scrap heap of what used to be a Renault estate. What really took us by surprise was the fact that the vehicle could take corners at a reasonable speed. 

Supposedly standing at 6 metres (20 feet) high, we can't be certain about its credentials as the tallest car in the world. We’d wager it would be ready for some proper work doing lion spotting, but giraffes might give them some trouble.