Do you hate supercars with roofs? Well then, you’re in luck because the team over at Daily Driven Exotics just revealed their custom roofless Lamborghini Huracan Aperta. This one of one creation is set to be one of the best driving experiences in existence combining the freedom of an open-top concept with a screaming V10.

The Lamborghini Huracan is good at many things, but impressing onlookers is its speciality. There is simply nothing on the road that has a similar presence to a Lamborghini and this custom Huracan takes this to the next level. With the roof removed the cramped interior space of the Huracan becomes a spacious driving experience that can accommodate drivers of almost any height and give onlookers a glimpse of the supercar driving experience.

For Daily Driven Exotics, removing the roof was only the beginning as the team elected to wrap the car in a bright yellow colour reminiscent of a high visibility cycling jacket. In case the roofless Huracan was out of sight, the new exhaust from Fi Exhaust ensures you’ll be heard from miles away. Carbon Fibre accents and wheels from Vorsteiner help round out the build and give the final product a completed look without going too far.

To ensure their Huracan Aperta is as fast as it looks, Daily Driven Exotics added a supercharger from VF Engineering. This massive blower not only matches the colour of the exterior but also boosts the V10’s output to 810 bhp (604 Kilowatts). That’s more than enough horsepower the rip your face off at full speed if you elect not to wear a helmet while driving this open-top supercar.

Maybe today’s supercars are too practical. Sure, it’s nice to have a roof over your head, but when it stops you from hearing a supercharged V10 it simply has to go.