The McLaren P1 is a wonderful machine – not only because of its near-hypercar performance numbers but also in terms of design. Frank Stephenson is responsible for its styling, who actually got inspiration from a sailfish in penning the McLaren hybrid.

But what can Stephenson say about a new track supercar from Bugatti? As you may know by now, Stephenson has been active on YouTube, uploading videos wherein he shares his thoughts about other new cars. Some were praised, like the new Ford Bronco, while others didn't pass Stephenson's critic.

Gallery: Bugatti Bolide

The latest of this series of videos is about the Bugatti Bolide – the track-focused supercar from the French marque that's said to be the last to use the W16 engine.

So what can the McLaren P1 designer say about the aggressively-styled race car? Well, let's just say that it turns him on. Yes, his words, not mine.

Among the many praises that Stephenson lashed out on the Bolide was mind-boggling and outstanding, mainly because he believes that its form is the performance. He absolutely loved how each of the design elements of the race car has a purpose and he thought that it's an absolute weapon on the track.

While his adoration for the Bolide was apparent on the video, Stephenson gave it an imperfect 9.9 score, just below the Honda E. Yes, that small, retro-looking Japanese electric vehicle got a perfect 10 from the P1 designer.

Though the Bolide's current form earned praises from Stephenson, there were several elements that he would rather change, such as in the headlight area, the snorkel, and the exhaust part.

Don't take out word for this. Let him explain his side by watching the video embedded on top of this page. But really, Honda E?