Repairing a crashed Ferrari GTC4Lusso is a precision task that only the best craftsman can take on. I’ve never crashed a Ferrari because I’m still working on the part that involves getting a Ferrari, however, if I did crash it, I’d take it to Arthur Tussik in Russia. This one man repair team shows us exactly what it takes to bring back a Ferrari that had a rough meeting with a guard rail.

In case you weren’t familiar, Ferraris are not built like normal cars. These exciting exotic pieces of automotive art crafted by an experienced team of builders in Italy who use the best materials and engineering available. The resulting car may offer incredible performance, at the expense of complexity and cost.

Crashing a Ferrari is not like crashing a Toyota Corolla where an endless supply of new body panels is ready for you. Getting new parts is difficult or nearly impossible depending on the circumstance which actually makes it easy to fix the damaged panel if possible.

The Ferrari GTC4Lusso is Ferrari’s four-seat all-wheel-drive family car. This practical Ferrari has enough room for a small family and all-weather driving capabilities, which makes it a sensible choice. The body panels are aluminium, which cuts down on weight and allows Arthur to fix the dented panels. Power comes from the Ferrari F140 V12 engine that is rated at 681 bhp (507 kW) and 514 lb-ft (697 Nm) of torque. With all of this power, it's easy to see how easy things can go wrong and result in a crash.

Thankfully it appears everyone inside the car was fine and the GTC4Lusso can be repaired. Let’s hope the owner will take this opportunity to maybe find some more sensible wheels when they get the car back.