Here's an interesting flight-of-fancy, especially for those who love carving roads on two wheels instead of four. Yes, some automakers build motorcycles and in fact, Honda rose to automotive superstardom because of its motorcycles. BMW is also well-known and respected in the two-wheeled world, but what about other brands?

Honestly, it's not something we thought much about until these oddball creations from Budget Direct reached our computer screen. The fictional bikes featured here come from six different manufacturers, including a mix of supercar shops, electric icons, and a company that's not quite as robust as it once was. There's a bit of irony in that particular bike, but alas, we're getting ahead of ourselves.

All in all, none of these machines are completely disagreeable. In fact, there are a couple we'd really love to see in real life. Let's take a look, and chat us up in the comments on your opinions about all of this.

Tesla Sports Bike

Tesla Motorcycle

We open with the bike we like the best. Budget Direct says it's based on the next-gen Tesla Roadster, but we see a bit of Cybertruck edginess in the design. In any case, the angles translate well to a big sports bike, but being a Tesla we suspect it would be supremely heavy due to its battery pack. This might be a machine best left for the future when batteries are smaller, so we can really enjoy hitting apexes with silent power.

Bentley Touring Bike

Bentley Motorcycle

Honestly, a machine very similar to this has probably made an appearance at the bonkers Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota. The event is known for all kinds of tasteless custom builds, and while this Bentley bike isn't completely tasteless, let's just say it's not a good look. And we hope it's not based on a Harley, because Bentley buyers would never put up with the hog's V-twin engine rattling their teeth loose at a stoplight.

Bugatti Superbike

Bugatti Motorcycle

Now we're talking. This thing looks wild and ready to kill you just by sitting on it. No windshreen? Of course not – such things wouldn't survive 300 mph anyway, not that this bike would go that fast. We suspect it wants to go that fast, especially if all that carbon fibre beneath the fuel tank is hiding something more robust than a V-twin or a narrow four-cylinder.

Aston Martin Cafe Racer

Aston Martin Motorcycle

Speaking of Honda, anyone else getting a strong CB750 vibe from this bike? Ironically, Aston Martin does have its own motorcycle in the $120,000 AMB 001, though to be fair, Brough Superior had a big hand in that project. This fictional creation is far different, drawing instead on design cues from Aston Martin's past, namely the DB4 GT Zagato. It's not our favourite of the bunch, but it's not the worst either.

Rivian Dirt Bike

Rivian Motorcycle

This could be our worst choice; it's a toss-up between Rivian and the Bentley. There are already some cool electric dirt bikes out there, and they look nothing like this. Yes, it incorporates styling from Rivian's forthcoming R1T electric pickup, but that chunky body looks like a two-wheeled physics disaster waiting to happen. It's not a bike you'd want to skip over moguls with, never mind going for the really big air.

Mitsubishi Scooter

Mitsubishi Motorcycle

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Remember when we talked about irony? 10 years ago this might have been a rally-themed dirt bike, but that was when cars like the Eclipse and Lancer Evolution still existed. Now, Mitsubishi has just a few models, one of which is the very fuel-efficient Mirage. Admittedly, few non-hybrid vehicles can compete with the Mirage in an mpg-battle, and you know what? Mitsubishi styling cues don't look bad on a cool little scooter like this.