Initially, hearing about a Toyota Yaris being used as a tribute to the great Celica GT-Four rally car sounds like heresy, as these two cars share nothing in common. The Yaris is a small city hatchback that's made to ferry people from point A to point B, while the other's dedicated to doing so as fast as possible – even better on rally races.

But we're not talking about a regular Yaris here; it's the Toyota GR Yaris – a three-door hatchback that was introduced as a homologation model for the Toyota GR Yaris WRC. And just like the Celica GT-Four that it aims to succeed, the Toyota GR Yaris is a fierce model that's worthy of current hype.

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As a tribute to that, Shmee took his GR Yaris to the shop and have it customized to wear the famous Celica GT-Four's Castrol livery. To the fans of World Rally Championship and Sega Rally, this colour combination should instantly ring a bell. Of note, the Celica GT-Four has won two manufacturer's and four driver's titles when it competed in the Group A of WRC from 1988 to 1997.

Using the same green and red swoops in the body, Dub Customs scanned and plotted the graphics into Shmee's GR Yaris. That posed a challenge, though, since the Celica was a coupe while the GR Yaris is a hot hatchback.

Then again, the final product is a hoot, and you can watch the entire process in the video embedded on top of this page. This Toyota GR Yaris in Castrol livery looks awesome, and quite nostalgic too, and we think that it's a proper tribute to the great Toyota rally car.

How about you? Do you think the GR Yaris is a proper tribute to the Celica GT-Four? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.