In its latest teaser for the Mercedes-Benz EQS luxury EV, the German brand outlines a confident plan for the model to be a successful consumer product while also being friendly to the environment, at least by the standards of an automobile. The full debut for the EQS happens next year, but the automaker seems very proud about what it's launching.

One of the weirder features that Mercedes promises for the EQS to have optional HEPA filtration that creates the air quality of an operating room. The company says that freeing up the space formerly for a combustion engine allows for hitting this tech. It's apparently the first system in the automotive sector to have DIN EN 1822 certification.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz EQS Teaser

The EQS will be the first model to ride on Mercedes' Electric Vehicle Architecture (EVA) platform. Going forward, there will be at least four upcoming EVs using these underpinnings.

The EQS will also get a state-of-the-art version of the MBUX infotainment software that will be capable of learning. "We will offer our best software solution to date in the new EQS. The underlying AI is revolutionary," said Sajjad Khan, Mercedes-Benz Chief Technology Officer. It'll also support over-the-air upgrades to improve in the future.

Mechanically, the company is touting the EQS to have a range of 435 miles. There are also rumours of an AMG version with over 600 bhp.

Next year in Europe, Mercedes will introduce green charging for the EQS and the brand's other EVs. The initiative will guarantee that owners will recharge their vehicles using renewable energy. The way this will work will be relatively straightforward. The automaker will analyze the amount of recharging by EQ models. From there, the company buys the equivalent amount of electricity from renewable sources to put back into the grid.

Mercedes will build the EQS at Factory 56. The company positions the site as "a blueprint for all the plants around the world" in part because of the plant's high flexibility and CO2-neutral energy supply.