At the beginning of 2020, McLaren kicked off deliveries of what it describes as its first-ever “Hyper-GT.” The Speedtail is limited to just 106 units globally and all of them have long been sold out at £1.75 million a pop before taxes and options. That said, seeing one for sale on the second-hand market is both surprising and somewhat expected.

JamesEdition - “the world’s luxury marketplace” - is advertising a 2020 Speedtail that is currently located in Hamburg, Germany. It has just 78 miles (125 kilometres) on the odometer and it’s looking absolutely mint. It’s a Euro-spec example and while we don’t know the exact production date, it’s probably just a few months old. Full details and specifications can be provided on request.

Gallery: 2020 McLaren Speedtail for sale

So, how’s that surprising? Well, one could imagine that McLaren has made a comprehensive analysis of the customers that have registered interest in buying the Speedtail. Obviously, the automaker wants to protect itself and other Speedtail owners from people who are trying to make a few thousand quid by quickly reselling their examples. And seeing one available less than a year after deliveries started is rather interesting.

But then, most of these ultra-rare cars are destined to be garage queens and fetch millions from private or auction sales. Given that, it’s always possible that someone will trick McLaren’s approval criteria and get their hands on a new Speedtail. That's probably the case here.

Back to this particular example, it’s finished in stunning green exterior colour with contrasting brown accents. The same brown hue can be found inside the cabin as well, where it’s complemented by orange seatbelts for each of the three seats. The price is €3,990,000, which is approximately £3.6 million at the current exchange rates, more than double the base price from the factory.