Have you ever looked into the garage at your beautiful red Ferrari and dreamed about storming terrorist compounds to spin donuts amid gunfire? Are paramilitary pickup trucks too cliched and way too slow for your resistance fighters? Fear not, for there's a company ready to make your Ferrari bulletproof without turning it into a mega-tonne tank.

The company behind this normal-looking Ferrari 458 Speciale is , and if this all seems a bit familiar, it should. Way back in July 2019 we came upon a similar AddArmor creation, only the car in question was a highly tuned Audi RS7 Sportback fitted with armour and defensive options. Admittedly, the 458 doesn't offer quite the same room for troops and ammo, but for secret agents conducting a solo mission, this car is fitted with the company's B4-level armour package. It's not enough to stop big machine guns, but it will keep Dirty Harry from unloading his .44 Magnum in your face.

Gallery: AddArmor Bulletproof Ferrari 458 Speciale

The armour isn't just steel welded into the doors. AddArmor uses a special design that the company says is 10 times stronger than ballistic steel, while weighing 60 percent less. The armour upfit to this Ferrari adds just 70 kilograms (156 pounds), but that weight is further offset thanks to a plethora of carbon fibre upgrades and a tweaked exhaust system, the latter of which adds 40 bhp (29 kilowatts) to the Speciale's 4.5-litre V8. With all the mods added up, AddArmor's Ferrari is just 30 kg (67 lbs) heavier and still capable of blistering acceleration. That could be the car's best defense to avoid dangerous situations.

Of course nobody will seek out military action in an armoured Ferrari. In reality, this upfit offers exceptional protection against attempted carjackings and similar offenses, and when you're driving something as rare as a 458 Speciale, these are legit concerns in some areas. Furthermore, AddArmor says it can offer such protection on any exotic or standard car as an Anti-Intrusion package, and the modifications can be uninstalled to return the vehicle to its original condition.

Pricing for the Anti-Intrusion package starts at $28,000 (approx. £20,600).