Do not attempt to adjust your screen. What you are seeing is real, or rather, it's sort of real. These images do exist, but they don't depict actual cars. For digital artist Chris Labrooy's sake, that's probably a good thing because we suspect there are all kinds of Porsche purists ready to blow their top over someone turning a classic 911 into a flamingo. Fear not, for the keyword in this paragraph is digital.

Everything you see in the photo gallery below is an exquisite work of digital art, and it's so good that Porsche proper decided to brag about it. Labrooy hails from Scotland and is a graduate of the Royal College of Art, and these days he fancies a bit of Porsche 911 tomfoolery of a very different flavor. There's no question his images are extraordinarily life-like, and we'll be the first to say that a whale tail 911 could easily wind up in a swimming pool in the hands of a novice driver. But a classic 911 painted pink and dropped onto an inflatable flamingo? That's weird stuff. And yet, it's strangely brilliant.

Gallery: Porsche 911 Digital Art By Chris Labrooy

Labrooy doesn't hate Porsche. In fact, he's owned a few over the years, including a 718 Cayman GTS that currently sits in his garage. And from what we can gather, he's a true enthusiast at heart.

"I’ve always been into cars, ever since I was a small boy,” said Labrooy "I’d play with them, then I would draw them, then drive them in computer games. Even as a youngster I was fascinated by the design of cars. I remember seeing an episode of Top Gear where they went to the Royal College of Art and from the next day onwards I was telling my friends that that was where I wanted to go. To study car design."

And that's what he did, though his early career took him and his unusual eye in other directions. Eventually, he carved out a good living where he could lose himself in the automotive realm. At least some of that is captured here with this odd ode to the 911. A Carrera sitting on a sofa? Smurf-blue 911s enjoying some synchronised swimming? It's strange, but we love it.

"Once I owned a Porsche I became more aware of the brand and its motorsport pedigree, and really curious about the 911," he said. "It’s a very soft, rounded shape that’s a highly capable, high-performance sports car at the same time. The 911 has a unique, almost eccentric personality. When I’m making my images, the cars are like actors in a way, and the 911 is like an A-list Hollywood star, with all this depth and versatility.”

Well done, Mr. Labrooy. Very well done.