London, 15 December 2020: A new documentary film showing the 30 years of Race of Champions (ROC) and featuring Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Tom Kristensen, David Coulthard, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Travis Pastrana, Sebastian Loeb, and many more, has premiered as an On-Demand video on Motorsport Network’s OTT platform

On the Line takes viewers into the ROC events through the years, hearing from racing legends such as Schumacher, Kristensen, and Coulthard about the different challenges of the racing event. Utilizing archive footage from every ROC that has been hosted, the documentary shows the growth and birth of popularity for ROC alongside an in-depth perspective from the drivers that took part.

From the Motorsport Network audience panel that is frequently surveyed, it was reported that 64% would like to see more documentary-type content. Through the launch of the ROC channel, the Network is providing more of this content type, listening to the audience to refine the offering.

In parallel, ROC will launch its own dedicated channel on, following on from OEMs and race series this year including NASCAR, WRC, BTCC, Mercedes, and Audi. The channel will be launched with the On the Line documentary, but moving into 2021 and beyond will deliver highlights packages from events and archived content from the 30 years the championship has been running to the Network’s 56 million-strong digital monthly audience. looks to end 2020 strongly with an additional push of new content and channels on its OTT platform, showing the trajectory the digital streaming channel will continue into the new year, as is developed into the streaming destination of choice for motorsport fans.

Fredrik Johnsson, President IMP (ROC Promoter) said: “We are very proud of the On the Line documentary and are delighted to be able to share it with Motorsport Network so they can distribute it to their dedicated motorsport audiences. The Network has a lot of experience with different areas of the digital motorsport fandom and we are confident they will share it with the appropriate audiences to share our history and boost our profile ahead of our hopeful return to racing in 2021.”

James Allen, Motorsport Network’s President said: “We are honored to have the opportunity to share Race of Champion’s stellar On the Line documentary with our community. Our audience has shown a desire for more documentary content, bringing them closer to the characters and the storytelling around the sport in a way they cannot usually access. The broadcast industry is changing really quickly and this partnership with Race of Champions is another strong demonstration of becoming the streaming destination of choice for motorsport fans and we have some exciting plans for 2021 we can’t wait to share.”

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