For years, Bristol's Amalgam Collection has brought us carefully detailed 1:18 scale models that are worthy to become part of your toy stand. This time, the British company is bringing us the 1967 Ferrari 330 P4 Le Mans race car.

If the year's familiar, that's because it's one of the four years that Ford dominated the 24 Hour of Le Mans with the GT40 – a historic win for the American car brand, which became the main subject of the 2019 movie Ford v Ferrari.

Gallery: Amalgam Race-Weathered Ferrari 330 P4

The Blue Oval may have won that historic endurance race but that doesn't mean that Ferrari and its 330 P4s were any less iconic. Besides, the mid-engine race car took the second and third places, behind the GT40.

With that said, this Amalgam model aims to represent the Italian race car on a 1:18 scale. There will be 100 examples of the limited edition scale model, each meticulously hand-painted and detailed by the artisans at Amalgam’s workshop. Using data from a digital scan of the only perfect example of the 330 P4 left in existence, every detail is present in the scale model – and that includes every oil stains, stone chip, and dirt smears found on the real car as it crossed the finish line at the 1967 Le Mans.

The Amalgam Ferrari 330 P4 doesn't come cheap – it has a price tag of $1,358 and now available for pre-order.

Apart from the scale model, buyers will also receive a high-quality Giclée print of the car crossing the finish line, as well as a luxurious black protective black box with a protective outer carrying sleeve, polished black acrylic bases with a protective clear acrylic dust cover, and a booklet containing a certificate of authenticity along with historical information on the car.