We’ve been patiently waiting for the new WRX and WRX STI, but it’s the end of 2020 and we don’t even have spy shots of the performance saloons. We do have an idea regarding how it will look since the dynamic duo is expected to take after the JDM-only 2021 Levorg estate, and especially the STI Sport variant.

To ease the wait, Subaru through its Australian division is starting to talk about the speedy four-door cars on the occasion of delivering the 10,000th WRX STI in the Land Down Under. Talking about the spicy version of the two saloons, Subie mentions it “is certain to push the performance and technological boundaries still further” than its predecessors.” That’s not saying much, is it? But at least it’s a sign the reveal is fast-approaching.

Gallery: Subaru Viziv Performance STI concept

According to the latest intel, the WRX will allegedly premiere in April 2021 before going on sale later that year. Come June 2022, the WRX STI is expected to follow with more of everything. Both are rumoured to share an Ascent-derived turbocharged 2.4-litre boxer engine producing as much as 400 bhp and 361 lb-ft of torque in the STI.

The go-faster saloons have been a long time coming, especially since Subaru first alluded to the styling direction the WRXs would take nearly three years ago. Remember the Viziv Performance STI concept? It debuted in January 2018 at the Tokyo Auto Salon as a sharp-looking saloon with an engine Subaru refused to talk about along with blacked-out windows to hide the interior.

In the meantime, Subaru Australia has been kind enough to gift the owner of the 10,000th WRX STI parts and accessories worth 5,000 AUD. In addition, he also got a free five-year servicing plan and a ride around a rally stage near Canberra with Molly Taylor, Subaru ambassador and ex Australian rally champion.

Note: Pictured at the top is our own speculative rendering.