Facelifted in 2018, the current generation Aygo is about to be retired soon. That doesn’t mean the moniker will disappear from the brand’s lineup though as Toyota has already confirmed a successor of the small car is already in development. Today, we can share the very first spy photos of that new car.

First, we need to address something here. What you see in the gallery attached below are two different prototypes despite the identical registration plates. The first image in that gallery shows the new Aygo most likely wearing its production body and lights. The rest of the shots depict a test mule largely reminiscent of the new Euro-spec Yaris.

Gallery: 2021 Toyota Aygo first spy photos

The early rumours about the next-gen Aygo suggested the city car could switch from its current hatchback body style to a higher-riding shape with crossover design cues. The first spy photo doesn’t seem to firmly confirm this design transformation especially given the tiny wheels it rides on.

Initially, the new Aygo will be launched with combustion power (think three-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engines) but a zero-emission powertrain should join the lineup later during the model’s lifecycle. Last year, Toyota admitted there isn’t a profitable business case for a small electric car just yet but the market is expected to change very quickly towards more and more emission-free cars. 

We believe the new Aygo is still at least 12 months away from making its debut in production form if not more. This means we should start seeing more prototypes testing on public roads, hopefully giving us a better early look at Toyota’s smallest car in Europe.

Nothing has been confirmed yet but it is believed the Aygo's PSA siblings, the Citroen C1 and the Peugeot 107, are not getting direct replacements. Toyota has said it is still selling 100,000 Aygos per year and a new generation is “an opportunity to go further, not pull back.”