Honda will partially move the new Civic production to North America but the current generation and its range-topping version are still being assembled in Great Britain. The Civic Type R is manufactured at Honda’s Swindon facility which is currently facing some serious difficulties and has been forced to stop production temporarily.

According to a new report by Automotive News, a combination of many COVID-19 cases, pre-holiday rush, and preparations for Brexit have resulted in a production stoppage for at least one day. The ongoing shortage of parts doesn’t help the situation either.

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The delay in parts and components delivery from Asia Honda is experiencing is due to a congested container at the port at Felixstowe. UK companies are looking to stockpile goods before the Brexit transition period ends on the first day of the new year and this is slowing down the processing of the containers. Even worse, several cargo ships had to skip stopping at the port and continue to their next destination.

According to the online publication, Honda is currently considering using air freight to get delivery of some of the critical components. In Swindon, the Japanese automaker is using a production system where parts and components are installed on the assembly lines right after delivery. Even if one part is missing, production can’t continue as planned.

"This primarily has to do with global factors," Michael Gove, the UK government’s minister in charge of Brexit negotiations, said in a recent interview regarding Honda’s situation. "Inevitably at this time of year, you get people who want to stock up in their warehouses. And I think that there’ll be different reasons why people were doing that."