Let’s be honest, the automotive industry has recently caught itself in an arms race for power figures. These ballistic supercars might feel fantastic to drive, but what if we told you that a 17-bhp (12.6-kilowatts) French car from the 1950s could beat the modern marvels in the fun department? In an automotive exercise of the entertainment factor, Chris Harris puts his personal 2CV up against his good friend Andrew Frankel’s.

Due to the rather antiquated technologies of that era, Mr. Harris has slight difficulties getting his car started. After no luck, we fast forward to four days later when his vehicle is finally operational. Following the maintenance period, the two are ready to race across the grass of the British countryside with a set of gates being marked as the finish line.

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With the hills alive with the sound of nearly 40 bhp, the two cars leap off the start-line with Harris taking the victory by a couple of car lengths. Fitted with a four-stud header – the 1950s equivalent of nitrous – the result took Frankel by surprise, citing that his 17-bhp (12.6-kW) 2CV has much more power than its rival.

Filled with nervous laughter after nearly being ejected out of his seat, the Top Gear presenter wanted another go in third gear with his compatriot in second – leading to an easy victory for the Blue underdog.

We could tell you that there was another race that broke the tie, but the bigger message here is definitely how much fun these cars can be. The two of them have driven some of the best cars that the industry has to offer, but they would never part with either of their 2CVs – and we think that says it all.