Back in 2008 when Bugatti launched the Veyron, its 987 bhp output was unheard of, as were its ludicrous acceleration and top speed numbers. Well, some 12 years later and its top speed is still ridiculously high and unachievable by most modern supercars, yet when it comes to acceleration, the fastest of electric cars might just stand a chance of matching or even beating it.

Well, that’s what TheStradman set out to discover, by drag racing his very own Bugatti Veyron, the single hottest car of the late 2000s, against the fastest versions of most of the Tesla lineup (they had everything but a Model Y). The cars were a Model 3 Performance, a Model S P100D and a Model X P100D and measuring their acceleration against the Veyron was quite revealing.

Firstly, it raced the Model 3 Performance, which is considerably slower looking - it couldn’t even keep up with the Veyron. Next they tried the Model X (with 40 percent left in its battery) on for size, and even though the launch was neck and neck, the quad-turbo W16 began to push it forward and it still had no problem winning.

Now when it comes to the fastest Tesla you can currently buy, the Model S P100D, things were quite different. It managed to sneak ahead of the Bugatti at launch and it maintained its lead for way longer than the other two, but it simply couldn’t match the more long-legged character of the Veyron that still crept in front, even though this was quite a short quarter-mile rage - had it been a half-mile or full mile race, the Bugatti would have pulled quite a significant lead.