In a recent interview with Top Gear Pininfarina boss, Rene Wollmann, weighs in on the future of speed. With their 1,874 bhp Battista electric hypercar on the way, Pinnifarnia is ready to unveil a vehicle capable of unfathomable performance which begs the question will it be too fast?

The Pininfarina team is currently testing their Battista EV hypercar at the Nardo testing center in Italy as it readies for customer deliveries in 2021. Wollmann explained to Top gear that the Pininfarina team has quite a schedule, “Right now we’re doing final design validation, and calibration of the systems. Right now we’re freezing our damper, spring and anti-roll bar settings, and fine-tuning those in the wind-tunnel and simulator. After we’ve done that in the next couple of weeks we jump into calibration, which is a big playground for engineers. We’ll be playing with drive modes, torque vectoring, and even the HMI inside.”

Wollmann is quick to point out that the Battista isn’t focused on laying down lap times but rather delivering driving pleasure. Wollmann explained to Top Gear, “We’re not necessarily chasing a lap time, this is not what the car is for. This is more of a hyper-GT – good behaviour on curved roads. If you tune a car for sport not comfort, like some of the ‘track tools’ out there, then they can get quite bumpy.”

Although COVID-19 has had a huge impact across the globe Wollmann was confident when confirming the timeline to Top Gear, “We changed the plan because of the news changing, but overall the delay caused to us was not as bad as some of the delays COVID has brought to the world.”

The Battista is part of an exciting future of electric performance cars and we look forward to seeing this exciting machine in action very soon.