Out of all the movies that feature in-screen automotive stunts, James Bond cars are probably the coolest. These cars, which are unsurprisingly European, carry several features that aid in Agent 007's mission – that's on top of being quite desirable cars beyond the silver screen.

Then again, those cool car gadgets we saw in James Bond movies aren't really available in the real world. Or do they? Apparently, these gadgets actually exist and are tangible, as seen on the latest upload by YouTube celebrity Supercar Blondie.

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Featured in the video embedded on top is the BMW 7 Series that Agent 007 used in Tomorrow Never Dies, the 18th installation in the movie franchise that came out in 1997.

Played by Pierce Brosnan, James Bond drove an E38 BMW 750iL in that movie, which the automaker specifically created for the film. The car can be driven by a stunt driver from the rear seats; four BMWs came with this feature, actually, which were used for the remote control or driverless scenes.

And of course, it also came with other special gadgets like caltrops dispensers, missile launchers, and cable cutter – as demoed by Supercar Blondie.

Fast forward to today, No Time to Die is the latest James Bond film that was supposed to be shown earlier this year but has been pushed forward due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was then rescheduled to hit theaters back in November, however, the release was postponed again for April 2021.

The Aston Martin DB5 is one of the notable cars in the upcoming James Bond film. It's a returning vehicle that made a silver screen debut in Goldfinger but now has been updated with all the necessary gadgets for action-filled spy encounters.