A lot of car designers, amateur and professional, are on YouTube and other online platforms lately. But out of all the samples you could see on the web, Frank Stephenson is probably the one with the most credentials. He happens to be one of the most active as well, with design analyses as his forte and rightfully so.

A lot of cars have already gone under his microscope, including the much-awaited Ford Bronco. Thankfully for the fans, Stephenson loved every corner of it. This time, the world-class designer has set his sights on fictional cars you'd find in Grand Theft Auto V – yes, the video game.

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Just a reminder and in case you're not aware, Stephenson has a number of supercars in his portfolio, coming from his illustrious career at Ford, BMW, Mini, Ferrari, Maserati, Fiat, Lancia, and McLaren. The latter's the most notable wherein he oversaw the creation of the British sports cars – from the MP4-12C to the McLaren P1 (see gallery above).

Back to the video, Stephenson went over notable GTA V supercars and analysed them design-wise. There was a designer at the beginning, though; the video was only made for pure fun, so I guess folks over at Rockstar Games shouldn't take this seriously.

Cars like Pegassi Tezeract, Annis S80 RR, and the Truffade Thrax were all criticised by Stephenson. Some impressed him, while the others didn't stand out at all. The best part was that he examined the cars as if they existed in the real world. It's a breath of fresh air and his insights will make you see these fictional cars in a different light despite existing in a video game.

In these trying times, contents like these are most welcome, especially if they come from someone as renowned as Stephenson. Kudos to him and his team, and please keep them coming.