BMW’s imaginary “M Town” is back in a new promotional video dubbed “The Drop” and it is chock-full of classic and modern M cars. Aside from the vehicles we’re all familiar with, we also get to see the hotly anticipated M3 Touring at the 1:20 mark. This Easter Egg also features none other than Markus Flasch, BMW M’s boss, casually reading the “Lap Times” newspaper while sitting on the estate’s big boot.

The very next scene is also quite interesting as we’re being reminded BMW built an M3 pickup truck concept back in 2011. For this occasion, it was used to transport what looks like an M Power-branded charging station, possibly hinting at those rumoured high-performance PHEVs the company is working on. Chief of which is expected to be an X8 M45e with a combined output of 750 bhp.

Possibly shot in Sofia, Bulgaria, the video also features a rad clock at the 0:19 mark and custom-painted M Performance wheels at 1:51. YouTubers Shmee and Mr AMG (yes, in a BMW video) also star in “The Drop,” among more than 18 M cars of old and new, from an E30 M3 to the latest G80-generation M3. The first-ever M3 Touring is obviously the one we’d like to see more of, but it will take some time.

Already ruled out for the US market, the BMW’s answer to the Mercedes-AMG C63 Estate and Audi RS4 Avant won’t arrive until 2022. Reports say it will be an xDrive-only affair exclusively with an automatic transmission, so you’ll have to go with the saloon should you want to row your own gears in a tail-happy M3.