Ferrari specialist GTO Engineering has given an insight into how it creates new classic components using period drawings and designs.

The UK-based firm combines modern machining methods with quality control to ensure absolute quality. It also restores original parts too.

Now the company has released a new video detailing its meticulous process.

GTO Engineering shows its handcrafted Ferrari parts production in the UK

The short film showcases the entire process of creating aftermarket parts, from the initial Computer Aided Design (CAD) stage, right the way through CNC machining, finishing, and quality control. Original part restoration is also highlighted, as is GTO Engineering’s engine building suite and recent projects including a 1964 Ferrari Lusso, a 1974 Ferrari 365 GT4 BB, a 1990 Ferrari F40 and a 2011 599 GTO.

"We started GTO Parts over 20 years ago. Back when I was restoring cars in the Nineties and early Noughties, I found a lack of aftermarket options for parts," said GTO Engineering managing director Mark Lyon. "It wasn’t as simple as calling a supplier to buy off-the-shelf parts, so I thought I’d respond to the market and start creating parts myself."

"We’ve come a long way since then, most notably is that rather than hand drawing parts or using the old ones as a reference, everything we do is drawn in CAD.

"This is then what we check against for quality control and have a specialist machine to ensure each part conforms to our standards."

Gallery: GTO Engineering shows its handcrafted Ferrari parts production in the UK