Back in June, we brought you the first video from Electroheads we had ever covered. In it, the presenter said the VW ID.3 would be the most important car of the decade. Not only the EV or the Volkswagen for that matter, but in absolute terms. A while later, when we told you VW’s game was scale, not technology, we mentioned the ID.4 would probably be that car. Eilis seems to agree with us on that. But who’s she?

As much as we discovered the ID.3 video presenter was called Jack, we found out Electroheads videos are also presented by Eilis, Richard Beech (or simply Rich), Hazel, and a few others. Most of the time, you’ll see Jack and Eilis. And she said Jack was wrong about his ID.3 video with at least one good argument. We missed another one, though.

Volkswagen ID.4 - based on the MEB platform

We thought Eilis would argue that the ID.4 is so far the only MEB model to be sold in the two most important car markets in the world: China and the US. By the way, it will also be sold in Europe, where the ID.3 is already on the streets. Sadly, she did not bring that up in the video above. Her single point about the ID.4’s success was something we also referred to: the fact that it is an SUV.

This body style is taking over as the most popular one in Europe (where hatchbacks used to be king), the US (still in love with pickup trucks), and China (with a long-lasting love affair for saloons). According to the video, Volkswagen wants to sell 500,000 ID.4 a year by 2024. Eilis seems to think that this is too much and that the German company may lack the battery packs to get there. We have the impression VW has signed all contracts that will allow it to get there. If the plan fails, that's on suppliers' backs.

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Curiously, her video also makes references here and there about “girl power” and how Volkswagen does not seem to care for diversity when hiring its executives. Fortunately, she also acknowledged that more women than men drive and buy SUVs, which implies they will rule the world because women want them to. Girl power, right? If that’s bad, that’s not on us, lads.

Eilish also said that Tesla does not do that well with girls but mostly with 54-year-old males with no children, while the ID.4 might appeal to women with children. Did the Model Y change that perspective for Tesla? We would ask the company if it talked to the press.

If that was not enough, Eilish also remembers Tesla is not doing well in recent reliability rankings. Not only according to Consumer Reports but also to What Car?Carwow, and J.D. Power. For the record, Eilis mentions a reliability ranking we have not covered, from Which? – so that’s another one to add to that list.

We agree with Eilis for most of what she says in the video. However, producing an electric car with the best-selling body style is not what will make the ID.4 an important car for Volkswagen per se. Selling it in crucial markets where the ID.3 will not be available – such as the US and China – is far more important. If it manages to dodge the software issues the ID.3 still presents, and add scale to that recipe, we may have to recognise the electric Beetle successor is an SUV.

Source: Electroheads