We’ve seen plenty of Teslas reacting and avoiding accidents on their own while on Autopilot, but this has got to be one of the most impressive such saves. We really doubt that a human driver could have avoided the contact between these two cars driving on a motorway in Taiwan.

As you can see in the video, the Tesla (probably a Model 3), is being driven on the middle lane of the motorway. At one point, a driver in a small dark-coloured saloon (looks like a Hyundai) tries cutting in front of the Tesla, at which point it reacts and swerves out of the way. Apparently, this was all the car’s merit - this was not the driver’s reaction, because the vehicle was reportedly driving itself on Autopilot at the time.

After avoiding the impatient driver, the Tesla began slowing down to give itself more room. This really looks like it was relying on its sensors to avoid an accident, and it doesn’t appear to be the driver’s reaction - sure, it is plausible that a driver could have reacted that quickly, but in this case, it’s all down to the car.