Almost one in three want their car to be more comfortable.

Comfort is second only to price in the minds of new car buyers, according to new research from French car maker Citroen. The company surveyed 2,000 British drivers and found almost half (45 percent) would put comfort on their list of priorities, while 85 percent said comfort was “important” when choosing a vehicle.

Although price was a key consideration for a massive three-quarters (74.5 percent) of drivers, comfort outstripped performance and economy to take second spot. It pipped safety, which was a priority for 44 percent of drivers, to second spot.

More than three-quarters of drivers (78. percent) said seat comfort was among the key components of cabin comfort, while 55.5 percent cited leg room. Some 46.6 percent said they thought ambient temperatures were critical to comfort in the car.

2021 Land Rover Discovery R-Dynamic Interior Rear Climate Controls

Despite that, though, Citroen’s research also revealed many drivers are dissatisfied with the comfort in their vehicles. More than 31 percent of respondents said they thought their current brand of car was not comfortable enough.

Souad Wrixen, Citroen UK’s marketing director, said drivers were still driving a lot despite the rise in home working as a result of Covid-19, and comfort is a key consideration. With that in mind, she said the company was honing its Advanced Comfort programme, which sees the new C4 and e-C4 models (below) fitted with comfort-orientated seats and suspension.

Citroën C4 and e-C4

“Despite the ongoing crisis, UK drivers are still spending almost six hours each week behind the wheel,” she said. “Our research shows that over a third of motorists wish their cars were more comfortable, and at Citroen we’re committed to ensuring that comfort is a priority – covering a wide range of measures that help promote health and well-being.

“With the advent of the Citroen Advanced Comfort programme, we have set about redefining the concept of modern comfort to fit your requirements, including the feeling of space on-board, connectivity, ergonomic design, and a smooth, comfortable drive.”

Citroen’s sister brand, DS Automobiles, which makes the DS 3 Crossback and DS 7 Crossback SUVs, has also put some emphasis on the comfort front. When it was spun off from Citroen, the brand claimed to offer “dynamic hypercomfort” in its DS 4 and DS 5 models.

For Citroen, however, much of the focus on comfort comes from its Progressive Hydraulic Cushions, which debuted on the C5 Aircross. The system uses additional hydraulic bump stops in the suspension to even out bumps in the road in a bid to improve passenger comfort.

Citroen C5 Aircross 2018