ubitricity announced that recently it has become the largest public charging network in the UK by the number of individual charging points, according to ZapMap's statistics.

The company has 2,554 charging points (AC), which is equivalent to 12.5% of the total number. It means also that the total is around 20,400. It's a huge achievement, considering that it was a tiny network in early 2019.

ubitricity's approach is slightly unusual, compared to the typical charging networks, as it uses a lamppost or bollard, equipped with Type 2 AC charging sockets. Because there is already an electricity connection, the company reduces the installation cost and time.

It's quite interesting also from EV drivers' perspective (especially if they don't have their own parking space), as there are now streets in London where every lamppost has been retrofitted with an ubitricity charging point.

"ubitricity charge points also provide a charging facility for local residents who don’t have off-street parking (40-60%) and for trades people working in the area and even taxi drivers and delivery drivers on a break."

To use the ubitricity charging point, there is a need for a regular type 2 cable and a smartphone to scan the QR code on the lamp post for activation and payment. The other method is a special SmartCable that does everything automatically.

The major drawback of ubitricity is that it forces the users to reach to the boot for own charging cable every time, which does not sound convenient, especially when the cable is wet or cold.

In the next step, the company intends to expand to Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and other countries.