In October this year, Renault released a new concept vehicle. The Megane eVision - as its name implies - previews the future of the hatchback in all-electric form. The production version of that prototype should be unveiled next year and we’ve decided now is the best opportunity to create an exclusive rendering of the new Megane.

Obviously, our designers used the concept as a base for their work but imagined a slightly more rugged vehicle with higher ground clearance. It looks bold and the proportions are nice - what more could we ask for?

Gallery: Renault Mégane rendering

Actually, there’s a lot more to be modified. The eVision is an all-electric concept but the new Megane will continue to be offered with combustion engines as well. This means the front end needs several tweaks in order to provide fresh air for the powertrain. The bumper, for example, needs a few air intakes to channel the flow but the upper section can remain closed for a cleaner look.

Renault is also planning a zero-emission Megane and if the concept is anything to go by, it will be a proper electric vehicle. The study has a single electric motor on the front axle with an output of 215 bhp and 221 lb-ft. The 0 to 62 miles per hour acceleration takes less than eight seconds.

More importantly, you should be able to travel from London to Newcastle in a single charge of the 60-kWh battery pack. Translating this into numbers, the range will be about 280 miles, covered "in the same amount of time as internal-combustion vehicles, stops included."

Gallery: Renault Megane eVision